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ShadowExplorer accesses the shadow copies in all editions of Vista
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Windows Vista Operating system creates shadow copies through one of its services. To view these copies, ShadowExplorer software is available. It is basically for the Home Edition users but along with that other users also take advantage of it.

Generally, what happens is all the files are copied and maintained by Vista version of Windows. As a result any file that was changed or removed by mistake, can now be retrieved. But the problem is that only Business, Ultimate and Enterprise editions can access these copies. So ShadowExplorer can be used for accessing the copies in all the editions of Vista. All the editions have the service of Shadow copy by default in them and they are set in ON mode so the user can access the storage of the shadow copies with the help of ShadowExplorer.

It is very useful in checking the presence of point-in-time copies. All the shadow copies can be checked. Along with that, it has a good feature that allows retrieval of the original files without any problem. The only inconvenience with this software is that it is not a replacement for back ups. The original and the copies both are stored in one disk. So any problem with the disc leads to loss of both.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Retrieves original files if changes have been done by mistake


  • Not a replacement for backup of the files
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